June 2019 – Ottawa, Canada

April 2019 – Windhoek, Namibia
14 Novembre 2018
October 2019 – Porto, Portugal
20 Maggio 2019

The HMS Team: Perla Zaggia, Fernando Binder and Bartolomeo Mongiardino will participate to ICOLD June 9-14, Ottawa, Canada

The ICOLD National Committee of Canada – the Canadian Dam Association (CDA) – has prepared a wonderful program in an exciting venue for this meeting. With almost 1000 large dams, including mega-projects such as Muskrat Falls Dam, Complex La Romaine to the East and Site C Dam to the West, Canada has much to be proud of for its development of dams for hydropower and mining, and much to share with the world.

This 87th ICOLD Annual Meeting will be an excellent opportunity for more than 1000 delegates, from the 100 ICOLD member countries to come together and collaborate.