October 2019 – Porto, Portugal

April 2019 – Windhoek, Namibia
14 Novembre 2018
June 2019 – Ottawa, Canada
20 Maggio 2019

The HMS Team: Perla Zaggia, Fernando Binder and Bartolomeo Mongiardino will participate to HYDRO 2019 14 – 16 October

HYDRO 2019 will be the 26th in our annual series of hydro conferences, and the third to take place in Portugal, following HYDRO 2004 in Porto, and HYDRO 2010 in Lisbon.

Portugal is an ideal European host country for the global hydropower community, with a wealth of experience and expertise to share, in all forms of hydropower, from large-scale pumped-storage plants to large and small run-over-river installations.